Immediate Archeologies Three: Anywhere but Here nor There
cosmic tables, magnetic minerals, magic carpets and other flight machines - mixed media installation.
produced in residence at Makan House by Luis Berríos-Negrón as part of the Utopian Airport Lounge, curated by Juliana Smith, Amman, Jordan - September/October 2010

Everyone is too busy working to survive. Nobody protests anymore, because nothing really happens. In that prison, flight seams all that is left - quietist, escapist. But in the survival, in that long-drawn action, in the Tätigkeit, there can be a biometric world one could go to, the one none can take away. This world is a visual alchemy of a present constitution, a simultaneous past and future, a mental landscape that has no singular iteration, just a scenography. This mythology is shaped by the artisan hands of many, the unearthing and production of a magic carpet carpet, a discussion table, a propeller, scrapbooks, salt, stones, mud, video, drawings, models, and the beginning and end, a reproducible pattern. That world is not a retreat. Seemingly timid and futile, or even chaotic and catastrophic, imaginary worlds prove to leap over the violence of the power structures as they inevitably collate others to reemerge in full physical force.