“MEAT-o-C(r)ITY, products for compliance™, has been developing a transportable housing module made of recycled aluminum and dismantled fashion billboards. Our thesis is, inspired by the zipper as a modular system, to utilize the enclave boundaries (the more subtle unseen thresholds between neighborhoods such as El Barrio and Park Avenue North or Chelsea and the West Village) of New York City as sites for the installation of these temporary, androgynous devices. The system is suspended in/between the alleyways of buildings running through entire city blocks. The site we are currently working on is the block between Mott and Mulberry/ Grand and Hester, i.e. between Little Italy and Chinatown. The ultimate intention is to provide low-cost, yet comfortable and community oriented housing for newly-arrived aspiring supermodels and sweatshop workers. The name of the device is the Z-pod and its
program and structure are based in the need for a laterally united cultural field, not unlike that form that is reflected by the zipper. We strongly believe that the content and audience of the presentation/product/performance fits within Diesel’s self-placement in consumer culture not necessarily as an icon of fashion but even more so because of its ‘critical’ public campaigns.” - excerpt from video featuring Eric Adamsons. Collaborators – José Flores, Mariana Hardy, Yuna Yagi, Ken Ikeda, Daisuke Nishimura, Nobuhiro Awata, Kyoko Oshima, Lealani Ranch, Ruth Chadwick, Ming Chow. Music by Pablo Casals (live at the White House) and Plastilina Mosh. Special Appearance by Lot-ek

People's Republic of Zpod, Diesel Denim Gallery, New York City 2003